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It makes a lot of sense to establish an e-tail business on Shopify; this long-established platform offers an impressive level of functionality and performance to those wishing to sell online. It is also a system that lends itself well to strong SEO, including as a consequence of the many different customisation options.

However, your Shopify site is not going to deliver its best possible search engine rankings ‘straight out of the box’, which could lead to you trailing your competitors if you neglect this aspect of your site.


That’s where our Shopify SEO consultants can show their worth, assisting in your store’s efforts to bolster visibility, sales, and revenues online. 

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Our team at Mr SEO is not merely highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in SEO; we also realise the importance of providing a genuinely bespoke SEO service, tailored to the particular circumstances, ambitions, and needs of the client’s business.

Shopify offers rich scope for customisation, including with the help of a wealth of SEO apps. However, unless you already possess a lot of specialised Spotify knowhow, the chances are that you will struggle to determine which steps your site should take to extract its maximum SEO potential.

Our own in-house specialists have long worked with a variety of popular ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, and know that successful SEO goes far beyond simply optimising for certain popular keywords. We recognise the importance of a top-to-bottom Shopify SEO service built around your business, and when you partner with us, that is exactly what we will provide.


We can be the seamless extension to your own marketing team, developing the understanding of your brand, products and services that is needed to help power your success online.  

Our Shopify SEO Service

We believe our SEO service is unrivalled. Here is why: 


Our SEO Process

When you first join forces with Mr SEO, we will begin by assessing what level of appetite there is among human searchers for products and services like those your store offers. We will provide you with a media brief to complete, so that you can let us know which products you would like to promote. We will then be able to use these details to carry out suitable keyword research, followed by recommendations on the most suitable keyword strategy for your business. 

Keeping an eye on the obvious competitors in your industry will be a key part of your efforts to optimise your site so that you can outrank those rivals in the search engines. Our team will undertake keyword gap analysis and backlink gap analysis that will enable us to understand what strategies your rivals are using. We will be able to consider what they are doing that works, and what they are doing that might not work so well, which might hold lessons for your own SEO campaigns. 

Our completion of the keyword research will allow us to assemble a keyword sitemap. This document will show our recommendations for which keywords to use in the various parts of your Shopify website. 

Our audit of the on-site elements of your website will produce recommendations to go along with the sitemap. Such aspects of your Shopify site as its title tags, heading structure and page content will all be scrutinised as part of this process. Our SEO team and web development staff will then work together to implement the advised on-site and technical changes, to help ensure a seamless outcome. 

It isn’t only on-page aspects that will impact on the success or failure of your site’s SEO; there will also be off-page ones, such as inbound links directed to your site from other parts of the web, that will have a major impact. That’s why we also take seriously the task of looking closely at your site’s backlink profile, and working to disavow any backlinks that we judge could be detrimental to your brand’s efforts to achieve strong search engine rankings. This will be followed by work to build an even greater number of natural and high-quality links for your Shopify site. 

Finally, it’s not enough to simply take what might seem like sensible measures for improving your Shopify store’s search engine performance – you will also need to test whether such measures are actually effective. So, we will test the strategy over a number of months, refining it where necessary, and we will provide you with monthly reports containing data in relation to both traffic and keyword positions. 

Our Client Success

Case Study Icon 1 0191.32 % increase in organic traffic
Ocean Florida live for Florida. Since 2004, they have been championing the Sunshine State and have sent over 250,000 holidaymakers there. We’re proud to be working with UK’s number 1 independent Florida specialist. This allows them to work with the biggest airlines, celebrated cruise lines and the best accommodation providers to create the perfect Florida holidays for our customers. They’re ATOL and TTA bonded, so you can book in full confidence, knowing that you’ve got an expert planning your holiday, and that you are fully protected.
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Case Study Icon 2 01231.24 % Increase in organic traffic
Car Finance Genie are a Car Finance company based in Essex. Their mission is to remove all of the hassle and stress from the process of finding a car and securing finance. CarFinanceGenie successfully simplifies a process that can be daunting and confusing for many. However, they felt their business wasn’t reaching it’s full potential through organic search and so came to us to assist them.
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Case Study Icon 3 011198.39 % Increase in ranked keywords
Cars Under 3000 is a family run business in Rayleigh! Their aim is to provide a first-class service at an affordable cost, and we don’t believe anybody does it quite like them. They understand that buying a used vehicle isn’t always easy. And so, aim to make the process as simple and enjoyable as they possibly can. They don’t just want you to come once and leave with a car you’re satisfied with. They work build a relationship, that brings you back time and time again for all your motoring needs.
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Shopify SEO FAQs

The short answer is: yes. Various in-built tools and apps are available for Shopify that can make it easier for you to optimise your site on this popular ecommerce platform, so that you can attract higher rankings for relevant search terms. However, it’s also true that Shopify sites can often suffer from certain issues that can act as a drag on their SEO performance, such as duplicate content and unnecessary background apps that risk sapping the given site’s speed. This is where the services of Shopify SEO experts, such as those at Mr SEO, can be invaluable.  

The simple answer to this question is, for the same reasons a website based on any CMS requires SEO: sites in your business’s industry will be competing with each other for attention online, and a failure to keep your site optimised in line with the latest search engine algorithms and customer preferences risks your business falling behind. Shopify sites have considerable SEO potential, and our specialised Shopify SEO consultants at Mr SEO can help you unlock that potential.

It is important to appreciate that while SEO is an excellent and necessary investment in your Shopify store’s longer-term success (and by extension, that of your business), it cannot be counted on to make a visible difference to your brand’s search engine rankings within mere days or weeks. Several months is likely to be a much more realistic timeframe, provided that you make all the right moves with the optimisation of your Shopify site.

Various apps are available from the Shopify App Store to help with businesses’ SEO efforts, including SEO Manager, Plug In SEO Optimizer, and SPO (SEO Product Optimizer), to name just a few. These apps naturally have various pros and cons, and cater to different needs. So, there is no single ‘best’ SEO app for Shopify, although our team can nonetheless advise on which would be the most suitable options for your store.

There isn’t a single answer to the question of how much it will cost you to invest in SEO for your Shopify website, for the simple reason that so much depends on your specific circumstances and requirements, including the size of your present Shopify site, and what in-house SEO resources your business might already be able to draw upon. For a more detailed discussion of your requirements from Shopify SEO, and to receive an accurate quote, please call the Mr SEO team today on 020 34114 789.