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5 Years agency-side managing SEO team
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SEO brand manager for leading travel company
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Worked with UK’s biggest companies and small start ups
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Affordable service, ROI-driven approach
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Monthly Rolling Contracts available to work on-site
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Customisable and flexible SEO packages

ROI-driven Results

9+ Years of SEO Experience

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SEO Consultancy FAQ's

Yes – depending on what package you’re on, I would be able to work within your business a couple of days a month if needs be. This works exceptionally well for my clients with large marketing teams who are able to get involved in the campaign and maximise the results & ROI.

This is a question I’ve heard hundreds of times since beginning my career in SEO. It depends on a range of factors, such as, keyword competition, backlink competitions, industry & budget. The higher the budget the more aggressive the campaign can be.

No, and I wouldn’t trust any company that guarantees 1st position. These companies will simply push thousands of links to your domain, so you rank well in the short term. Long-term your website would very likely be banned from google which could have devastating effects on many businesses. Don’t take the risk with cheap SEO campaigns.

It’s important you choose the correct package for your business. A package you feel comfortable with. Please arrange a free consultation with me to discuss how we can help.

As soon as you’ve signed up, I’ll be in contact to arrange a call or a time for us to meet. In the meantime, we will make a start on your campaign completing all the research needed to make a good start. We will initially be in touch to get any logins that will help us make the required change.

Working with an SEO consultant is as flexible as it gets. You are to use my expertise when your business needs them without the increasing costs of using an agency or building an in-house team. Many companies have bad experiences with Seo agency that take advantage of companies that may be less tech-savvy. My service is completely transparent, my name is the business and on the line, this should give the confidence that we will work to maximise your results.

If you have a question I haven’t answered, please get in touch via my contact page where you can ask away!

SEO Consultancy Packages

My packages are simple to the extent, the larger the increase the quicker you can expect a return on investment. That’s not to say you won’t get value at a smaller budget. Remember SEO is a long term strategy that needs to be done with the future of your business in mind. If you’re not ready to invest in SEO monthly, why not get us to complete an SEO website audit to ensure your website is able to rank.

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