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An SEO Audit Should Be The Start Of Any SEO Campaign. If You’re Looking To Build Authoritative Links Before Having An Understanding Of How The Website Is Optimised Then You’ve Jumped A Couple Of Steps Forward.

Implementing SEO Audit Will Ensure You Have A Strategy To Then Build Authority To Your Website And Start An On-Going SEO Campaign To Essentially Generate An ROI From SEO.

What is an SEO audit?

SEO Audits are designed to make sure Google can read & crawl your website as efficiently as possible. That is the main purpose of it. It will help your business understand why you are not generating organic traffic and give you action points to improve this.

SEO Audit can also give you an understanding of why your website is not generating the leads you want. There are 200 known ranking factors, although likely a lot more.

An audit will look at different components such whether you have duplicate content on your website, whether your images on the site are compressed correctly.

Although these seem like small tasks, when all are completed, this can make a huge difference to your website’s visibility and rankings. If you want an example of some of the areas I look at, I provide an initial free SEO audit.

Here's a few areas I look at when completing an SEO audit:

Title Tags

Heading Structure

Meta Descriptions

Internal Linking

Site Speed



URL Structure

Response Codes

HTML Sitemap

XML Sitemap

Schema Markup

What's Involved in an SEO Audit?

I will analyse what your website currently ranks for and based on your product or service, what you should be ranking for to see an uplift in traffic & conversion. It’s important I understand your business at this stage to ensure we push the products or services that generate the best ROI for you as a business.

Once we have a set of keywords that we believe to be the most impactful, we will then start to create a sitemap of how we optimise the website to ensure rank as well as we can across those keywords.

This follows from the sitemap, here we start optimising these pages, looking at the title tag, heading structure & meta descriptions. There will be a lot of competitor research which goes into this stage to ensure we not only optimise for keywords, but we also optimise for users who will see our page on the search engine, we will want to include call to actions to ensure our click-through rate is as high as possible.

Here we look at what content is relevant for your users to see and we optimise this content so that it is friendly for both the user and the search engine. We would also look at any internal or external content duplication which might be holding the site back.

Competitor analysis is important at every stage of an SEO audit & an ongoing SEO campaign. For example, we will look at keyword gap analysis, this will essentially what keywords your competitors are ranking for, that your website is not.

Site architecture is vital for ensuring your website can be crawled as efficiently as possible. I will map out your current architecture and make relevant changes where needed.

As well as looking at on-site factors, off-page factors will be just as important when looking at your website’s overall SEO health. When completing a backlink audit we will crawl your current links to understand which ones are having a positive effect and which ones are having a negative effect.

The Next step is to take all the data and to create and SEO roadmap which will be your strategy moving forward. This will be provided in a list of most important actions by impact.

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