Colchester was the capital of Roman Britain and is also the proclaimed oldest town in Britain. A commerce giant within Essex, Colchester has great links into London, Stanstead Airport and the ferry port of Harwich. These great connections drive forward industry and trade but makes Colchester a difficult place to compete for both large and small businesses.

That’s where we come in.

At MR SEO, we can help boost your internet visibility within the Colchester area in a bespoke local campaign to help you stand out from the rest in whatever industry you aim to thrive in. With over 60 thousand searches for “Colchester” a month, we can work together to drive that traffic to your site.

Our Services

Throughout Colchester, Essex and nationally, MR SEO offers a variety of bespoke services to optimise exactly where your business needs to do so. Whether it be a local campaign to expand to the local tourism hotspot or a nationwide campaign, we can help your business accelerate to new levels through search engine optimisation.

We offer services across all aspects of search engine optimisation such as web design, website audits or just a simple helping hand with our consultancy service. Whether your business needs a strategy from the ground up or a small push to reach the level you want it to be at, we can help you get there.

SEO Consultancy

Let us do what we specialise at: getting SEO results. With our SEO consultancy service, we can take the stress out of trying to navigate through the complex and technical SEO universe. Stop spending hours of your enormously valuable time trying to improve your online traffic and let us do it for you. With our affordable service we can help optimise a fantastic return of investment (ROI) model that has generated incredible results for some of the UK’s biggest companies right down to small start-up businesses.

We offer a consultancy service to work through whatever your business needs. Whether your strategy requires some additional keywords in the right places or a complete website redesign, our consultancy service can put together a proposal that will be bespoke to your company’s needs.

Speak to one of our experts today about maximising Colchester’s search engine numbers today!

Technical SEO Audits

At MR SEO, we also offer a Web Audit Service.  A web audit allows us to crawl your site and uncover technical details that could be affecting your site’s search engine rankings. For example, broken links (404 pages), duplicate pages, incorrect URL redirects and many more issues can all be found and corrected. This makes your site much easier for Google to crawl themselves and then, in turn, rank.

Web Design

We also have a web design service where we can make suggestions for the more substantial adjustments to your site. Whether it be a complete redesign, an alteration of the navigational menus or just the implementation of a new widget, whatever we think will benefit your business within the Colchester area can be implemented. Get your website as optimised as possible as well as looking sleek and professional for your ever-increasing online visitors.

Our Process

Keyword Research

We begin our SEO process by seeing what you already rank for within the search engine. For example, if you ran a veterinary business in Colchester, your site might already rank at #20 for the particular search term “Colchester Vets”. You might not be ranking for a broader location, such as “Essex vets”. After carefully analysing your keyword rankings within your industry, we develop a bespoke strategy tailored specifically to your company’s needs. Our strategy will aim to increase your internet visibility and your click through rate (how may clicks your site gets from the search engine).

Once we have this information, we build a bespoke keyword strategy where we will discuss with yourself exactly what you want to be and should be ranking for on search engines. If you require a local campaign, we will gaze our focus on rapidly rising the rankings in your specific area, Colchester in this case. If you’re a wider, national campaign, we focus on your specific products or services rather than the location you’re in.


Once this strategy has been finalised, we begin the implementation process. We will change any web page content to include the new suggested keywords, we’ll edit title tags and headings to make them more visible to Google, make any necessary site changes that the web audit highlighted.

Results & Reporting

Once the keywords are implemented, we offer detailed monthly reports as well as updates throughout the month as soon as we see something that we think you would want to be notified of. Through our keyword tracking, we can see where your site ranks after our implementation and then how it improves further down the line. For example, your site might rank 15th when you start our service for “Colchester plumbers” and then 5th after we have implemented our changes. This will generate a huge increase in traffic, and we will set out bespoke conversion targets that are discussed with you in order to hopefully see the growth in the exact areas you want it to. 

Why Choose MR SEO?

With over 10 years of SEO experience under our belt, whatever industry your business is in, we’ve probably done it. Despite specialising in a range of industries such as education, gambling, accountancy, retail, finance and many more, no challenge is too big for us to take on.

We’ve worked with some of the UK’s biggest companies such as Virgin Media and John Lewis as well as seen phenomenal growth in some of our longest standing companies such as Ocean Florida and Car Finance Genie.

With competitive, affordable prices, whatever your price range we can offer our expertise and knowledge to help you see improvements wherever you need them.

With monthly rolling contracts, there are no hefty sums to pay upfront. We’re so confident you’ll be happy with our results we don’t tie you down to fixed terms!

Get in touch today, let’s work together!


I’m outside of Colchester, can you still help?

Yes! Almost all of SEO can be done remotely. We can do our research wherever you are based and create a bespoke strategy just for you.

Do you cover all industries?

We’re always up for a challenge. Chances are whatever you do, we’ve already done. Get in touch today free of charge to discuss exactly what you want us to achieve together.

How long does SEO take in Colchester?

SEO can differ in result time no matter where you’re based. Colchester is no different. Some SEO campaigns see immediate results from small adjustments while others take 6-12 months to see real results in more competitive industries.