Car Finance Genie

  • Client: Car Finance Genie
  • Service: SEO, Website Design & Development & CRO
  • Sector: Car Finance
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The Client

Car Finance Genie are a Car Finance company based in Essex. Their mission is to remove all of the hassle and stress from the process of finding a car and securing finance. CarFinanceGenie successfully simplifies a process that can be daunting and confusing for many. However, they felt their business wasn’t reaching it’s full potential through organic search and so came to us to assist them.

The Brief

Car Finance Genie came to our SEO team with the intention of increasing the amount of leads the business was generating through search. The client was looking to increase targeted traffic that would improve engagement on the website. More specifically, they wanted to focus on but effectively increasing the amount of car finance applications they received through the website, whether that be on a desktop or mobile version.

We was also briefed with hosting and moving the current version of the website onto a CMS platform. This ensured the business could make changes to their website adhoc without relying on a web developer.

Having not invested in the channel previously, we went to work coming up with a strategy and solution that would generate the desired results. This required using different functions of our business such as our content, SEO, website design and development expertise.

Alongside this we were also briefed with increasing the conversion rate of users across the website to maximise leads we was generating from our SEO efforts.

The Solution

The strategy started with meticulous keyword research. This enabled us to understand firstly what potentially customers were searching for regarding car finance. We used this data to build out an optimised keyword sitemap which we then passed to our content team. We underwent this competitor research to understand what semantic content topics would provide the best benefit for SEO purpose and more importantly, the user. This strategy allowed us to have a fantastic understanding of our organic challengers and therefore how we can stay one step ahead of the game.

Our teams worked closely to achieve the best results for their respective channels. For example, the CRO team advises the web development team what kind of designs, widgets and features would push conversions over the line. One of these designs was the placement of car finance application forms on various pages. Again, we worked with external teams such as their PPC teams to understand the conversion to enquiry across specific terms. We do this because the data is more detailed in regards to specific stats on exact match keywords.

The Results

Car Finance Genie saw an incredible 231.24% increase in organic traffic. Considering we only began working together in July of 2020, this is an incredible rate of growth that highlights just how successful our campaign strategy is.

Car Finance Genie also had an average keyword position increase of 16.5, which in a focused and saturated market will yield brilliant results across conversions and just overall site traffic.

As mentioned previously, one of Car Finance Genie’s biggest requests in their brief was to push organic applications across both desktop and mobile. As of today, we have successfully achieved this brief, achieving a 146% increase in organic applications.

Overall, our campaign with Car Finance Genie just continues to grow strength to strength and as they grow as a business, our campaign will be adjusted and improve as we venture into new business opportunities shoulder to shoulder.