How To Choose Keywords For SEO

Keywords are words and phrases which users are searching for within the search engines and keyword research is finding the terms that people enter about your product or service. Choosing the right keywords for your campaign is essential. Online shopping has become huge over the last few years especially with the covid-19 pandemic where shops were closed, and everyone searches when looking to purchase a product whether that is research or looking for somewhere to buy the product. Google takes those searches and finds related results and if your business doesn’t rank for these keywords, you will not benefit from the traffic and will miss out on those potential customers. Therefore you need to choose the right keywords which are going to best convert the traffic and those which are in high demand. Within this article we will discuss ways in which you can drive traffic to your site by choosing the right keywords.

Analyse Search Intent

Researching exactly what your customer searches for will make it easy for you to decide which keywords to include within your optimisation, there are many different types of searching for example, navigational where the user wants to research its options. Informational, finding out information about a specific topic or commercial which are users which are looking to make a purchase. To choose which keywords are right for you, you must understand how your customer thinks and how they would search for it, in an ideal world you should provide content which covers all 3 of these areas with a end goal of a conversion. Blog posts are a great way to include informational searches and within these posts you can naturally link your product pages or contact page and also have other benefits for example, Google favour sites which are contanslty updated and fresh

Analyse the Competition

Competitor analysis is also a great way to discover and understand what keywords work well, tools such as SEM rush can help with analysing competitor websites and what they rank well for, this will help build your own strategy. Within this analysis you can read through their content to see how they naturally add in keywords and also view their metatags to help identify what they are targeting, allowing you to target keywords you didn’t think of. However, these helpful tools are unfortunately not free so that’s why many companies hire SEO agencies to do the hard work for them. If you are a business and looking to maximise your SEO strategy, here at MR SEO we are an SEO agency based in Romford, offering services to level up your business.

Understanding Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are longer keywords including at least 3 words or phrases, they are important to include within your strategy because even though they don’t have the highest search volumes, but they attract relevant traffic and send users which know exactly what they want, which therefore means there is a higher chance of converting.

Overall, choosing the right keywords is the most important and first step of your SEO strategy this will then lead to the success of the campaign through increased traffic and conversions.

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