How to Write SEO Friendly Content

seo friendly content

    Writing SEO friendly content is key to attracting more visitors and customers to your website. Recent research has shown that 61% of Marketers believe SEO should be their top inbound marketing priority. Delivering content on both your landing pages and blog posts which tick the right boxes can help propel your company to […]

4 Steps to Utilising Google Analytics Location Services

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The key part of any business is understanding your target customer. Sounds simple right? Well, if it was that easy, every company would be incredibly successful. However, fear not! Google analytics is here to help!   SEO in general is a great way to optimise your business and increase conversion rate but often, SEO implementation […]

The Ultimate Guide To SEO Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis article

The Ultimate Guide To SEO Competitor Analysis & How To Utilise The Data.   SEO competitor analysis is all about finding gaps in your strategy by taking inspiration at what your competition is going. Your competitors from a brand perspective might not always be your main competitors when is comes to SEO.   I would […]

9 Simple Ways to Increase Conversion Rate On Your Site

Analytis conversion article

Although CRO aka conversion rate optimisation is a completely different discipline to SEO, it’s becoming increasingly important for digital marketing professionals such as myself to have an understanding of both and how they work together.   99% of the time it is within a consultant’s interest to increase the conversion rate across a site they […]

The Ultimate Backlink Audit Check List

backlink audit

A backlink audit is essential if you are to looking to ensure your SEO campaign is both effective and safe. Gone are the days of comment linking, paying for links & hidden links, these tactics will most likely get your site penalised in the long run.   This is one of the main reasons I […]

How Digital PR can supercharge your SEO efforts in 2020

  In the world of SEO, we’re so often busy talking about the new buzzword within the industry, whether it’s domain authority, ROAS or link juice. Over the past couple of years, one that really caught my attention was digital PR. Essentially using PR as a means to create effective content marketing campaigns that get […]